We can embroider your logo onto caps, jackets, sport shirts, towels, bags…virtually anything! If you have been using another embroiderer, we invite you to compare our quality, our attention to detail, our service, and by all means our prices.

FUWARI (3-D Embroidery)

Fuwari is a Japanese word for "soft and furry" and creates beautiful high-loft 3-D embroidery. The raised stitching is very smooth and produces an upright and velvety appearance. Pictures cannot do it justice. You have to see it in person.There are only about 250 of these Fuwari cutting machines in the country and WE HAVE ONE! (A sample can be seen on our products page.)


The scientific explanation of sublimation is the process of a substance or material changing from a solid state to a gaseous state or vapor without becoming a liquid in between. (Think of “Dry Ice”) Dye sublimation uses this process to embed dye or ink into a polyester surface causing the image to become a permanent part of the polyester material. Unlike silk screened items, the image has a very smooth “feel”, cannot be scratched, and will not crack, peel over time.


Direct to garment printing is the perfect process for producing high quality, uniquely decorated items. We can print on light or dark colored fabrics that are 100% cotton like t-shirts, canvas, tote bags and much more without altering the “feel” of the fabric.


  • Digitizing: Your custom logo can be “digitized”, which is the process of duplicating your logo into an embroidery format. The cost of this process is based on the complexity of the design and is quoted job by job.
  • Vinyl: Signage, lettering, wall words, boat lettering and numbers, vehicle monograms
  • Rhinestones: “Bling” t-shirts are great personalized items for teams, families, or a group of friends. Instead of writing or drawing by hand or ordering t-shirts with plain lettering, you can create your own t-shirts with sayings or images with rhinestones and other jewels to create bling t-shirts that will set your group apart from the rest. Rhinestones can be applied to everything from cell phones to flip flops.
  • Promotional products: We offer a wide range of products that can be printed with your name or logo.
  • Appliqué: Appliqué designs are created by combining tackle twill and embroidery. Your design is created from twill and then attached to the garment with a satin stitch from our computerized embroidery machines. The end product is a very classic, custom-made product that is unlike anything else. This decorating method is most commonly seen on athletic uniforms but also looks great on sweatshirts.
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